The Little Bird that Stops a Fire


There is a Jataka tale (Stories of Buddha’s previous lives) when Buddha was born as a little bird that lived in a forest in India.

One day a huge fire started burning in the forest and all the animal were desperately trying to get out from its path. However fire was so burning so fast that many animals which were too slow perished.

Fearing for his life, the little bird flew up into the sky to escape. Up in the air, he could see that the fire will burn down the entire forest soon and all the animals in the forest will burned to death.

The little bird, overwhelmed by great compassion, generated bodhicitta and make an aspiration to save all the animals. He flew to a nearby lake and quickly dipped his wings into the lake to gather water. He then returned back to the forest and flapped his wings furiously over the fire.

By the power of his bodhicitta, it is said that those few drops of water caused the entire forest fire to be extinguished.


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