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How did Nagarjuna Die?

In ancient India,  there lived a young prince Shaktiman who desired to be King and was waiting for the day when he would take the throne when his father, the King, died. However for many many many years, the King … Continue reading

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Taming the Mad Elephant

Buddha had a cousin, Devadatta, who was extremely jealous of him. Devadatta felt that he himself was as good as Buddha and was jealous that people ignored him and did not honour him the way they honoured the Buddha. He … Continue reading

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The Little Bird that Stops a Fire

There is a Jataka tale (Stories of Buddha’s previous lives) when Buddha was born as a little bird that lived in a forest in India. One day a huge fire started burning in the forest and all the animal were … Continue reading

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Kisa Gotami and the Mustard Seed

During Buddha’s time, there lived a woman named Kisa Gotami. She married young and gave birth to a son. One day, the baby fell sick and died soon after. Kisa Gotami loved her son greatly and refused to believe that … Continue reading

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How King Yeshe-O gave up his life to invite Atisha to Tibet

After the Tibetan King Langarma ascended to the throne, he repressed Buddhism and caused a decline in the teachings. His reign dealt a heavy blow to Buddhism and dharma teachings in Tibet for many years to come, even after his … Continue reading

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